Dear Mines community:

This week’s election has evoked many strong passions and feelings across the country and within our own community. There has been enthusiasm and optimism for some and concern and anxiety for others.  Based on messages I have received and discussions with some of you, these are present within our community.

As president of Mines, I do not comment on elections or their results.  I do feel, however, that now might be a good time to reiterate something that is important to me — what binds all Orediggers together and what makes Mines Mines  —  is the respect we show each other, the care we have for each other, and how much we value diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences on our campus.  This is what attracted me to Mines and I suspect what attracted many of you as well.

We will strive to always be a welcoming and supportive community, independent of changes in the world around us.  We may need to be more visible and deliberate in our efforts to do this, and I am open to suggestions on how best to strengthen our special community (  I appreciate your many contributions to creating a vibrant campus including the student driven Acts of Random Kindness Society (ARKS), the Multicultural Engineering Program and the upcoming International Week celebration.

As members of the Mines community, we should also always be alert to our needs and the needs of others; especially when help is needed to deal with emotions, stress, or other personal challenges.  Mines has professional staff who can help in the following offices:

I hope that you join me in committing to a diverse and inclusive campus environment.  Embracing diversity, understanding other perspectives and backgrounds, and assuring respect are critical to the success of Mines’ mission to find solutions to current and emerging national and global challenges.

Go Orediggers!

Paul C. Johnson
Professor and President