The M Climb is one of those uniquely-Mines traditions. Each fall, freshmen carry a 10-lb. rock from home up to M on Mt Zion and then coat themselves and the rocks with whitewash.  I often think the students are more whitewashed than the rocks …

This year we invited new and old staff and faculty to participate and many did; some helped with the send-off, and others did the climb and experienced the enthusiastic water-filled greetings from about 40 of our 200+ student organizations.

It was a blast. Elyse joined me this year for her first and my second climb up to the M.  It’s my goal to do it every year for as long as Mines is willing to have me.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, especially to my fellow Blue Key members.  

You can learn more about the M Climb from the Blue Key website.

How many engineers and scientists does it take to change the lightbulbs in the M?  Need a good/funny answer to that one… 🙂

More 2016 M Climb photos on the Mines Flickr stream


2016 M Climb